Where are we? A flowchart to help explain the selling/buying process.

Real Estate Sales ProcessBuyers and sellers often wonder, “What do we do next?”

I was recently trying to explain the process to a friend and realized that we needed some type of chart of events.  With the help of some great colleagues and wonderful Realtors we built a list.  The original bullet-pointed list was kind of boring, so we changed it into a flowchart – complete with circles and arrows and a paragraph inside of each one.

The items listed in the chart are far from complete.  Maybe if the flowchart were the length of the Sun Bowl football field then each and every item could work its way onto the chart, but we think we have a real good handle on the highlights.

Did we leave something out?  Is there an item in the wrong order?  The nice thing about flowcharts is that they are editable and therefore update easily.  If you can think of anything that would make this chart better, drop a line in the comments and we will modify it if we can.

The Real Estate Sequence of Events Flowchart – courtesy of El Paso Title Company – El Paso’s favorite title company since 1930.

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